Secured Loans

Second Charge loans

At Chaseblue, we want to provide brokers the flexibility they need always to provide best advice under the Financial Services Act. That’s where second charge loans, also known as secured loans, can have a very important role to play.

For many people, a secured loan is often a more appropriate solution than a remortgage, further advance or unsecured loan, particularly for clients planning to:
• Consolidate debt
• Undertake DIY projects
• Buy a car or holiday
• Purchase buy-to-let property
• Set up a business – and much more

Solutions for every client
At Chaseblue, our high profile with a very wide line-up of lenders means we can help you find the loan that’s best for your client’s circumstances and specific needs:
• Loans from £5,000 to £2,500,000
• Up to 95% LTV (Loan to Value)
• Prime and non status lending
• Interest rates to match ALL profiles
• Full range of products and “exclusives”
• Fast, efficient turnaround with unrivalled service transparency
And where no standard loan will do, we can often negotiate a tailored package to match bespoke requirements.